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Metal processing enterprises are increasingly using modern approaches to metal cutting. The main requirements are:

  cutting quality (minimal machining after cutting metal)
  metal saving
  automation of the cutting process

Currently, of all types of metal-cutting equipment, plasma cutting installations are increasingly being used for metal cutting due to the successful combination of quality, convenience and low price.

The use of plasma cutting in combination with a CNC system allows you to:

  achieve high accuracy and quality of metal cutting
  ensure repeatability of cut parts
  almost completely automate the cutting process
  optimize metal cutting through the use of specialized software

Plasma cutting machines with CNC from the company PlasmaTechService-Ukraine


Metal-cutting plasma machines with CNC ArtPlasma 2515, 3015

Working area - 2500x1500, 3000x1500


Ball screw on three axes

Cast iron bed

Industrial CNC
ArtPlasma CNC Plasma Cutting MachinesHypertherm Plasma Cutting Machines

PowerMax 45-125, MaxPro200

Cutting current - 45-200 A

Cutting Thickness - 0.5-75 mm

PV - 100%
Price from 18160$ (FCA-Nikolaev)
ArtPlasma 2515 and 3015 CNC plasma cutting machines are designed for cutting sheet metal up to 3x1.5m in size and 0.5-75mm thick. Machine tools can be used both in small enterprises and in large enterprises.
  • high accuracy
  • absolute repeatability
  • the best combination of price, performance and accuracy in this class of machines

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Gantry plasma cutting machines ArtPlasma 6025
Plasma and gas cutting

Working area - 6050x2450 mm

Powerful feedback servomotors

X-axis and Y-axis - gear rack: racks made of improved steel

Hard Industrial Portal

Industrial CNC
Gantri 5 coordinate plasma cutting machine with CNC ArtPlasma 6025Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Machines

PowerMax 45-125, MaxPro200

Cutting current - 45-200 A

Cutting Thickness - 0.5-75 mm

PV - 100%
Price from 32010$ (FCA-Nikolaev)
The ArtPlasma thermal cutting machine is intended for plasma and gas cutting of metal steel ...
Features of the plasma cutting machine with CNC Artplazma 6025
  • travel speed - up to 15 m / min
  • portal movement accuracy - no worse than 0.2 mm
  • pinion drive X, Y
  • feedback servomotors with protection system
  • cutting section table with automatic exhaust ventilation
  • sensitive metal detection and height control system
  • table cutter protection
  • the ability to set the 5th coordinate for inclined plasma cutting (chamfers)

ArtPlasma CNC metal cutting machines can be used in industries with large cutting volumes

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